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Architectural CANOPIES


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Mapes CanopIES

Make your building stand out with an architectural canopy from Mapes Canopy. AM Glass can install an architectural canopy to provide attractive, protected entrances as well as window shading. With numerous designs, customization options, and industry leading features, Mapes and AM Glass can make your vision a reality. Choose from a vast color chart, or choose your own color with custom paint options. 

Mapes offers a complete engineered canopy system that will meet any snow and wind loads in North America. Mapes provides detailed shop drawings and offers stamped drawings and a full set of calculations if required. 

The Annex Glass Install

Canopy Designs

Canopy Designs

  • Lumishade

    • High Load Roll Formed Hanger Rod Capacity​

  • Super Lumideck

    • A complete solution for any design requirement – retail branding, storefronts or renovations.​

  • SuperShade

    • Sun Control Louver Canopy​

  • Custom Curved and Arched

    • Custom Curved Aluminum Hanger Rod Canopies​

  • Post Supported

    • A durable, economical alternative for both free-standing and wall-mounted applications.​

  • Cantilever

    • Specially engineered for a clean streetscape sightline and minimalistic look, available in the all canopy styles (5’ maximum projection).

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